Start a Campaign

In sports, teamwork is always better than working alone. The same is true for launching a fundraising campaign. You can invite friends, family, and fans to become Fundraisers for your fundraising campaign. Just imagine the impact you can have if you invite close friends to create their own fundraising page and ask them to invite their friends to donate, and then a couple of friends of friends decide to do the same.

To activate and manage Fundraisers for a new or existing campaign, click on the Funds section in your dashboard. Click on "Yes" or "No" under the Display the Fundraiser Leaderboard section to turn the feature on or off.

You can recruit a team by inviting friends, family, and friends to become Fundraisers. We recommend selecting between 5-10 close supporters to spend time helping you fundraise and spread the word about your campaign. You can invite as many people to become Fundraisers as you desire!

How It Works

Additional Features

You can keep track of each Fundraiser's progress and compare their performance to other fundraisers. Top Fundraisers will be displayed on the Leaderboard in the campaign page. Instruct Fundraisers to share their custom fundraising link with their friends and family. Email and social media are the best ways to receive pledges.

Each Fundraiser will create their own custom fundraising link. They will be able to write a custom message, letting their friends and family members know why they are fundraising for your campaign. Short, personalized messages will help increase the total amount raised. Remember to remind Fundraisers to directly ask people to pledge when they share their custom fundraising link.

Since 2014, PLEDGE IT has helped professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, and Olympics support their favorite charities, as well as countless colleges, high schools and youth teams.

PLEDGE IT has also worked with large charities such as The American Cancer Society, UNICEF, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia and the Ronald McDonald House and has been featured on ESPN, USA TODAY, Fox Sports, MSNBC, Sports Illustrated and Ellen DeGeneres Show.