Start a Campaign

Fundraising can be difficult, especially when it's your first time asking supporters for money. Check out the below list of fundraising tips. All of these tips have been compiled from others who launched successful fundraising campaigns.

Tip #1: Make sure people know why you are fundraising for the cause.

Write a compelling reason why you decided to take time out of your day to go beyond just making a pledge or donation. Get personal with your story and explain what their money will do for the cause.

Tip #2: Make the first pledge

Why, you ask? It's your fundraising page and people need to see you are invested in the cause. Plus, no one likes to be the first one to pledge. Making a pledge will give you a chance to see how the process works so you can answer any questions from supporters.

Tip #3: Send a personal email to close friends & family

Create a list of your friends and family and then send a personal message to everyone on the list. Directly ask everyone to make a pledge to your fundraising campaign.

Tip #4: Share a personal update on social media

Social media is an easy way to ask others to pledge to your campaign, and become a Fundraiser. Don’t just copy and paste your link. Write a personal message about why your campaign is important to you.

Tip #5: Invite others to become a Fundraiser

Teamwork is better than working alone. Invite everyone you know to become a Fundraiser by sending them your Fundraiser link. If they don’t respond, try emailing them again!

Tip #6: Thank supporters after the campaign

Make sure to send a Thank You email after your campaign ends. People are more likely to give again if they feel appreciated the first time.

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