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Chicago White Sox Shortstop Tim Anderson is Putting a Stop to Senseless Violence

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson endured personal loss when his best friend was murdered. Inspired to make an impact off the field, Anderson is stealing bases to earn pledges from fans, and has earned over $15,000 to help stop senseless violence.

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson is one of Major League Baseball’s rising stars. The 2019 season represented a breakout campaign for the talented former first-round pick. But it was his work off the field that really turned heads.

Though it was born from tragedy, Anderson has become a pillar in the Chicago community, as he has been using his stolen bases to help thwart violence that often permeates the city streets. By gaining nearly $700 per stolen base from fans and community members, Anderson has earned over $15,000. By refusing to let despair define him, the 26-year-old shortstop has turned personal loss into a mission to promote social good.

“Branden had such a bright future ahead of him,” the shortstop said. “It was a truly senseless act of violence. Unfortunately, this kind of violence amongst our youth is all too prevalent in many communities, especially in my adopted hometown of Chicago. That’s why in Branden’s honor, my wife and I founded Anderson’s League of Leaders.”

Anderson’s League of Leaders is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Moss. It was founded on the principle of building leadership within the youth of the Chicago and Tuscaloosa communities, especially amongst those whose lives are affected by violence. Anderson’s League of Leaders aspires to bring positivity, safety, and unity. It has hosted three back to school drives, giving nearly 400 free haircuts, donated thousands of dollars in scholarship funds and has given $12,000 to various non-profits with similar missions.

Anderson has used his platform as a Major League Baseball star to generate most of the funds that drive his League of Leaders, and has relied on his fans to help out. By setting up a performance-based fundraising campaign with Pledge It, he has provided a unique way for his fans to follow his season, and to root for him on and off the field.

"Using Pledge It has been awesome,” Anderson said. “To be able to connect with my fans and get them involved with helping me help the South Side of Chicago has been a great experience for both. I'm looking forward to seeing how many people we can help."

By pledging per stolen base to his Stealing Away at Senseless Violence campaign, fans can follow Anderson’s season in a unique way. Rooting for his stolen bases doesn’t just help the White Sox win, but earns $685 per swipe to help promote responsible leadership and put an end to violence in the community.

Anderson has inspired the White Sox fan base by offering prizes such as a signed, official game-used base from the 2019 season. All in all, the campaign has totaled over $15,000 in estimated funds to benefit Anderson’s League of Leaders.

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Published on August 11, 2019

by Alexander Diegel

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