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Uplifting Athletes Letterman and former Ohio State Buckeye Kurt Coleman is making his first appearance in the Super Bowl. The Carolina Panthers strong safety has energized his career with his best season as an NFL player.

To celebrate his continued commitment to serving others, Coleman has authorized a Tackle Rare Diseases campaign for Super Bowl 50 that will benefit Uplifting Athletes.

Fans can pledge to donate for each tackle Coleman and his fellow members of the Carolina record during against the Denver Broncos by visiting

According to the NFL statistics, the Carolina Panthers secondary combined to average 20 tackles per game this season.

Coleman was an Uplifting Athletes Chapter leader during his tenure at Ohio State, and has continued to be a supportive voice for the rare disease community.

“One of the things that makes me most proud of my involvement with Uplifting Athletes is the success of our lettermen,” Uplifting Athletes Executive Director and founder Scott Shirley said. “Kurt Coleman is a former Ohio State chapter president. And I’m so proud Kurt is using his platform at the Super Bowl to help the rare disease community.

“When presented with the opportunity, he said ‘let's run with it and keep making a different in the world!’”

Support Uplifting Athletes and the rare disease community by making your pledge to the Tackle Rare Diseases With Kurt Coleman campaign.

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