Start a Campaign

Before you start building your fundraising campaign, learn the basics about how to do so in the most effective manner. Our team created the below guides and resources to ultimately help you think about fundraising in the right way, create a compelling campaign and attract people to pledge and donate to your fundraising campaign.

Before Launching Your Campaign

Checklist: Before Creating Your Campaign

Creating a campaign (step-by-step)

Adding Basic Information

Writing Your Story

Adding Games or Events

Creating Your Recipient

Customizing Your Campaign

Pick the Right Campaign Photo

Launching Your Campaign

Friendly Tip: Make sure to spend enough time reading each guide. These tips are designed to help you create an effective and compelling story to ultimately turn strangers and visitors into loyal supporters of your campaign and cause.

Since 2014, PLEDGE IT has helped professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, and Olympics support their favorite charities, as well as countless colleges, high schools and youth teams.

PLEDGE IT has also worked with large charities such as The American Cancer Society, UNICEF, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia and the Ronald McDonald House and has been featured on ESPN, USA TODAY, Fox Sports, MSNBC, Sports Illustrated and Ellen DeGeneres Show.