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7 Steps to a Successful Weight Loss Campaign

Congratulations on launching your Pledge It campaign! Check out the below fundraising tips that have helped other people lose weight and raise money for their favorite cause. These fundraising tips and best practices will ensure your campaign maximizes its fundraising potential.

#1 - Make the first pledge yourself

No one wants to be the first to give to a fundraising campaign, especially if you haven't supported it yourself. You’ve committed to help your favorite cause raise money, be sure to make a pledge to show your support!

#2 - Follow the Inside to Out Fundraising Strategy

The most successful campaigns follow the Inside to Out Fundraising Strategy. Similar to sports, campaigns are all about building momentum. Group mentality is key to success because people want to be part of something that others support. This strategy ultimately creates a sense of authenticity to the cause.

Start inside and work your way out. This means to start with yourself first. Next, ask your family and friends to donate.

Rule of thumb - if your mom won't give to your campaign you might want to reconsider your cause and story.

Once close friends and family members have donated, ask co-workers and acquaintances. Lastly, share your campaign on social media and with any groups you belong to such as gym friends, church friends, or professional groups.

#3 - Send personal messages through email, text messages, and social media

Fun fact - people won’t give unless they’re asked. I know, right? You would be surprised by how many people think they will raise a lot of money simply because they have a campaign. The more people you contact, the most money you will raise.

Send personal messages to 10-20 family members or friends. Be sure to make a specific ask and thank them in advance for any support they can provide. You can post your custom campaign link on social media. Social media is also a great way to update your followers on your progress.

Pro tip: People who call or meet in person with family and friends raise 10x more!

#4 - Recruit friends to sign up as Fundraisers

We get it - fundraising is difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. You can invite your family and friends to sign up as Fundraisers. Family and friends can sign up by going to your campaign and clicking on the "Become a Fundraiser" button, which is located near the bottom of your campaign.

Fundraisers are part of your team and they receive credit on the Fundraiser Leaderboard every time someone gives through their fundraiser link. You can reward top fundraisers with a special reward or prize.

#5 - Give yourself enough time to promote your campaign

The key to any fundraising campaign is to create urgency. A common mistake is launching your campaign and asking for donations too early. If your family and friends know they have another 4 months to make a pledge they will push it off until it's too late. We recommend promoting your campaign for 2-4 weeks. This is enough time to build excitement and contact all of your potential supporters. Most importantly, it will create a sense of urgency with your supporters to give when they see your message or post.

#6 - Invite your employer or local businesses to make a pledge

This is optional and sometimes difficult to make happen. That said, consider asking your employer to make a pledge. If you have strong connections to local businesses in your city or town feel free to reach out with a personal message or an on-site visit to invite them to make a donation.

#7 - Always show your gratitude with Thank You messages

We made it easy to thank your supporters with our automated receipt and thank you email that are sent after someone supports your campaign. We still encourage you to reach out with your own personal thank you message.

Pro tip: Each day you will receive an email with the list of everyone who supported your campaign. Use this list to send a personal thank you message to those supporters each day. You can use this opportunity to encourage those supporters to share your campaign on social media!

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Published on January 9, 2019

by JohnPaul Bennett

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