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Bring It Home With Big Papi: Red Sox champ David Ortiz is dedicating every home run to UNICEF.

Proceeds benefit UNICEF USA


Based on 38 home runs, each worth $213.37

25 pledgers

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“Help me empower Boston's UNICEF Kid Power Team to get active and save the lives of severely malnourished kids around the world!” — David Ortiz

Pledge to donate now, and each time I hit one out of the park, YOU can help UNICEF Kid Power make a difference for kids around the world.

I’ve hit a lot of home runs throughout my baseball career. But few will mean more to me than the ones I hit this year. Not just because this will be my last season suiting up in a Red Sox uniform, but because every home run I hit will directly empower youth in our beloved city of Boston to get active and unlock funding for therapeutic food for severely malnourished children around the world.

My wife, Tiffany, and I love this city. That’s why we’re dedicated to do what we can to help the kids of Boston get active and save lives with UNICEF Kid Power. By getting active with the UNICEF Kid Power Band, kids go on missions to earn points and unlock therapeutic food packets for severely malnourished children around the world. As a UNICEF Kid Power Champion, I’m challenging you to join us this season and help teach our youth how they can impact the world around them.

I’m challenging YOU to help teach Boston kids the power of global citizenship. Pledge now to make it possible for them to join the UNICEF Kid Power Team and a difference!


Pledge $2 per home run - Enter for a chance to win a David Ortiz autographed baseball
Pledge $5 per home run - Earn a limited edition David Ortiz commemorative t-shirt (First 100 donors), plus enter for a chance to win a David Ortiz autographed baseball
Pledge $10 per home run - Earn an autographed David Ortiz 8 x 10 photo (First 34 donors)

Pledge $34 per home run (Big Papi’s number!)- Earn an autographed David Ortiz baseball bat (Only available to the first 10 donors)_
Pledge $100 per home run - Earn a personalized David Ortiz signed jersey including a custom note to the donor! (First 5 donors)_


Red Sox Nation, I challenge you to see who can make the most of my home runs this season. Join Team Papi and start your own fundraiser by clicking here. Share your custom URL with your network, earn credit for each pledge you receive and climb up the leaderboard!

The two top fundraisers for UNICEF Kid Power will win two tickets to attend my final Red Sox game at Fenway Park on October 2nd!!!

Thank you, Boston, for supporting UNICEF Kid Power — and for helping me make my final Red Sox Season Count!


Tiffany & David Ortiz


To learn more about UNICEF Kid Power, visit

*The U.S. Fund for UNICEF will coordinate incentive logistics/shipping. The raffle for the autographed baseballs will be held in early September. PLEDGE IT will provide updates on the number of earned incentives remaining in the Facebook comments section below.


DateNamehome runsEarned
4/4@ Cleveland0-
4/5@ Cleveland1$213
4/6@ Cleveland1$213
4/7@ Cleveland0-
4/8@ Toronto0-
4/9@ Toronto0-
4/10@ Toronto0-
4/11vs Baltimore0-
4/12vs Baltimore1$213
4/13vs Baltimore0-
4/15vs Toronto0-
4/16vs Toronto0-
4/17vs Toronto0-
4/18vs Toronto0-
4/19vs Tampa Bay0-
4/20vs Tampa Bay0-
4/21vs Tampa Bay0-
4/22@ Houston0-
4/23@ Houston0-
4/24@ Houston0-
4/25@ Atlanta0-
4/26@ Atlanta0-
4/27vs Atlanta0-
4/28vs Atlanta0-
4/29vs NY Yankees1$213
4/30vs NY Yankees1$213
5/1vs NY Yankees0-
5/3@ White Sox0-
5/4@ White Sox1$213
5/5@ White Sox0-
5/6@ NY Yankees1$213
5/7@ NY Yankees0-
5/8@ NY Yankees2$427
5/9vs Oakland0-
5/10vs Oakland0-
5/11vs Oakland0-
5/12vs Houston0-
5/13vs Houston0-
5/14vs Houston1$213
5/15vs Houston0-
5/16@ Kansas City0-
5/18@ Kansas City0-
5/18@ Kansas City0-
5/20vs Cleveland0-
5/21vs Cleveland0-
5/22vs Cleveland1$213
5/24vs Colorado0-
5/25vs Colorado0-
5/26vs Colorado1$213
5/27@ Toronto0-
5/28@ Toronto1$213
5/29@ Toronto0-
5/30@ Baltimore1$213
5/31@ Baltimore0-
6/1@ Baltimore1$213
6/2@ Baltimore1$213
6/3vs Toronto0-
6/4vs Toronto0-
6/5vs Toronto0-
6/8@ San Francisco0-
6/9@ San Francisco0-
6/11@ Minnesota0-
6/11@ Minnesota0-
6/12@ Minnesota0-
6/14vs Baltimore0-
6/15vs Baltimore0-
6/16vs Baltimore1$213
6/17vs Seattle1$213
6/18vs Seattle0-
6/19vs Seattle0-
6/20vs White Sox0-
6/21vs White Sox0-
6/22vs White Sox0-
6/23vs White Sox0-
6/25@ Texas0-
6/26@ Texas0-
6/26@ Texas0-
6/27@ Tampa Bay0-
6/28@ Tampa Bay0-
6/29@ Tampa Bay0-
7/1vs LA Angels1$213
7/2vs LA Angels0-
7/3vs LA Angels0-
7/4vs Texas0-
7/5vs Texas0-
7/6vs Texas1$213
7/8vs Tampa Bay1$213
7/9vs Tampa Bay0-
7/10vs Tampa Bay1$213
7/15@ NY Yankees0-
7/16@ NY Yankees0-
7/18@ NY Yankees0-
7/19vs San Francisco1$213
7/20vs San Francisco0-
7/21vs Minnesota1$213
7/22vs Minnesota0-
7/23vs Minnesota0-
7/24vs Minnesota0-
7/25vs Detroit0-
7/26vs Detroit1$213
7/27vs Detroit0-
7/29@ LA Angels0-
7/30@ LA Angels0-
7/31@ LA Angels0-
7/31@ LA Angels0-
8/2@ Seattle0-
8/3@ Seattle0-
8/4@ Seattle0-
8/5@ Seattle0-
8/6@ LA Dodgers0-
8/6@ LA Dodgers0-
8/7@ LA Dodgers0-
8/9vs NY Yankees0-
8/10vs NY Yankees0-
8/11vs NY Yankees0-
8/12vs Arizona0-
8/13vs Arizona0-
8/14vs Arizona0-
8/15@ Cleveland1$213
8/16@ Baltimore1$213
8/17@ Baltimore0-
8/18@ Detroit0-
8/19@ Detroit1$213
8/20@ Detroit1$213
8/21@ Detroit0-
8/22@ Tampa Bay0-
8/23@ Tampa Bay0-
8/24@ Tampa Bay1$213
8/25@ Tampa Bay0-
8/26vs Kansas City0-
8/27vs Kansas City0-
8/28vs Kansas City1$213
8/29vs Tampa Bay0-
8/30vs Tampa Bay0-
8/31vs Tampa Bay0-
9/3@ Oakland0-
9/4@ Oakland0-
9/4@ Oakland0-
9/5@ San Diego0-
9/7@ San Diego0-
9/8@ San Diego0-
9/9@ Toronto0-
9/10@ Toronto0-
9/11@ Toronto1$213
9/12vs Baltimore1$213
9/13vs Baltimore0-
9/14vs Baltimore0-
9/15vs NY Yankees1$213
9/16vs NY Yankees0-
9/17vs NY Yankees0-
9/18vs NY Yankees0-
9/19@ Baltimore1$213
9/20@ Baltimore1$213
9/21@ Baltimore0-
9/22@ Baltimore0-
9/23@ Tampa Bay1$213
9/24@ Tampa Bay0-
9/25@ Tampa Bay0-
9/27@ NY Yankees0-
9/28@ NY Yankees0-
9/29@ NY Yankees0-
9/30vs Toronto1$213
10/1vs Toronto0-
10/2vs Toronto0-
10/6Playoff: @ Cleveland0-
10/7Playoff: @ Cleveland0-
10/9Playoff: vs Cleveland0-
10/10Playoff: vs Cleveland0-
10/12Playoff: @ Cleveland0-
10/13Playoff TBD0-
10/14Playoff TBD0-
10/15Playoff TBD0-
10/16Playoff TBD0-
10/17Playoff TBD0-
10/18Playoff TBD0-
10/19Playoff TBD0-
10/20Playoff TBD0-
10/21Playoff TBD0-
10/22Playoff TBD0-
10/23Playoff TBD0-
10/24Playoff TBD0-
10/25Playoff TBD0-
10/26Playoff TBD0-
10/27Playoff TBD0-

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