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[Beach]'s Weight Loss Challenge for food 4 kids backpack program

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Based on 16 lost pounds, each worth $87.09

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I’ll starve to feed the children.

Hey y’all! You may have noticed that I’m a bit overweight... just a little. My headline might have been somewhat dramatic. I’m not actually going to starve myself. I’ve decided to change my life by setting my goal weight at 180 pounds. Since July 20th I’ve been on the keto diet. I was at 265 when I started. I weighed in at 219.6 last week.

Since than I’ve lost my momentum. The pass week has been really difficult because someone very special to me passed away and my job has been very demanding. I felt terrible when I saw 225 on the scale.

Today is Sandra’s birthday. She’s my biggest supporter. She’s been focused on raising money for a charity that provides kids food for the weekend. These kids rely on school lunches Monday - Friday but they don’t have food for Saturday and Sunday.

I’m asking for some support. I’m trying to refocus my energy towards something greater than myself. Can you help me out? This challenge is going to help with motivation, supporting my wife, and feeding hungry kids! Three birds one stone.

You can support me pound for pound or with a one time donation. Every single dollar counts! Let’s see how many pounds I can lose by October 29th. PLEASE SEND ONE TIME DONATIONS directly to Sandra via Venmo @sandra168. If you do it with pledge the transaction company takes 3%. I’m going to cover the three percent for all donations so the kids will feel the full impact of your money. When choosing the amount of your contribution there is an option to tip “”. Change tip to custom zero. Save your money. Pound for pound donations via pledge so you can ride along with me. Thank you so much.

Also, keep an eye out on Facebook because Sandra will Give you a shout-out for your $$$. 100% to food 4 kids backpack program.


DateNamelost poundsEarned
10/12Day 1 (225 pounds)0-
10/15Day 3 (223.8 pounds)1.20$105
10/18Day 6 (222.8 pounds)2.20$192
10/21Day 9 (219.8 pounds)3$261
10/24Day 12 (219 pounds)0.80$70
10/26Day 15 (217.8 pounds)1.20$105
10/29Day 18 (212 pounds)5.80$505
10/30Final Weight (209.8 pounds!!)2.20$192

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