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Based on 30 wins, each worth $2,170.27

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When we are All In, we All Win!

As the Nationals power through the post-season, Brian Dozier and the Nationals are proving that teams win together. The same is true off the field, where together we can have greater impact working for a common good.

Brian has long been a champion for others, with a heart for helping special needs adults in his hometown and providing access to education for children in Haiti.

For each curly “W”in during the post-season Brian is donating $5,000 to these causes. As the Nationals head down the stretch and strive for victory, Brian invites you to join him in donating funds for every win! You can help adults suffering from brain damage, and fund the operations of a high school he helped build in Ferrier Village, Haiti.

All funds donated to this campaign will be directed to the Big League Impact Foundation to help fund the following initiatives:

Itawamba Ranch

At Itawamba Crossroads Ranch, adults with mental disabilities are given a place to call their own. Through the creation and sales of pottery, Crossroads funds a live-in community for adults with special needs. Its mission has been so successful that Crossroads needs to expand in order to accommodate the adults that have slipped through the cracks of the healthcare system. Currently, the organization has 42 acres designated for building. Your support will allow Crossroads to utilize that land for a better purpose.

Ferrier High School

Last year, Brian, his teammates, and fans together raised $280,000 to build a badly needed secondary school in Ferrier Village, Haiti. Your support will help finish the job.

It is challenging enough to maintain the hope of having a career in Haiti. In the Ferrier region, the only hope for many is to be able to send their children to school. Until Ferrier High School was built, that education ended at 7th grade. Thanks to the efforts of players and fans, the dream of completing 12 grades and going to college will be possible for the thousands of children in the region.

Opening in September of 2019, Ferrier High School will be the only high school within a 20 mile radius of Ferrier Village.


  • $100 total donation gets you a custom ALL W(IN) DC campaign 108 Stitches t-shirt
  • $250 total donation gets you the t-shirt and a custom team wins hat from Zephyr Hats
  • $500 total donation gets the t-shirt, hat and a personalized autographed photo from one of the players
  • $1,000 total donation receives the t-shirt, hat, photo and an autographed baseball


8/27Week 14$8,681
9/3Week 22$4,341
9/10Week 33$6,511
9/17Week 44$8,681
9/24Week 55$10,851

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