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Based on 697 100-vertical feet, each worth $1.70

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Help me and my Derelict Brothers support a good cause!

My Skiing-for-Charity Challenge:

Hello friends and family. 14-years ago, I discovered this close-knit brotherhood of guys who share my passion for skiing and play-hard fun. There were just 6 of us back then, but today we’ve grown to an ‘infamous’ skiing fraternity with over 30 members, known as: The Downhill Derelicts.

Every year the we get together for a week of skiing, fun, and brotherhood in Whistler, Canada. This year, the Downhill Derelicts want to use our competitive spirit to raise money for a good cause.

On March 20, 2017, the Downhill Derelicts will kick off “The Derelympic Vertical Challenge” during this year’s annual trip. We’re challenging ourselves to ski as much as we can in one week, with the winner to be crowned “Vertical King.” My goal is to ski 100,000 vertical feet (20 vertical miles!). I’m asking you to make a pledge for for each 100 vertical feet I’m able to ski.

$0.01 per 100-vertical feet=$10.00 donation. $0.05 per 100-vertical feet=$50.00 donation. Feeling generous? $0.10 per 100-vertical feet=$100.00 donation.

Our group has a goal this year of raising total of $7,500 which can sponsor up to seven athletes for an entire year, or purchase a mono-sit-ski to make accessible the mountains and wonder that stokes our minds and humbles our souls.

To keep you informed about how much vertical I’m racking up, I will update my progress on this site throughout the week.

I’m hopeful that with your help and generosity, we can exceed our goal and share the joy and beauty of alpine sports with those who would otherwise never experience it.

Who Benefits?

The Whistler Adaptive Sports Program is a not-for-profit society that provides year-around, recreational programs for people of all ages with disabilities.

Whistler Adaptive provides training and recreational opportunities in skiing, sit-skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, yoga, strength & conditioning, rowing and more.

In order for your donation to be tax-deductible the funds raised will go through the American Friends of Whistler and be donated 100% to Whistler Adaptive.

Thank You!

~ Jester


DateName100-vertical feetEarned
3/20Downhill Derelicts Vertical Challenge697$1,184

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American Friends of Whistler

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We are a grant making non-profit supporting charitable causes in Whistler, BC: health & human services, arts & culture, & the environment.

Contributions made to this campaign are tax-deductible.

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