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Proceeds are being collected by Tony Chavez for Pecos Running Club


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Growing up I wondered what the numbered stickers on cars meant. The stickers had things like 10K, 13.1, 26.2, 100K, and 100M. I learned that they were running events and races. I never knew people ran these long distances. I thought to myself, “maybe one day I can get one, or two.” My goals were to earn each one of them. In the past two years, I’ve been able to earn them all, except for one. Yes, the 100M. M is for miles. 100 miles. Why do I want to run 100 miles? I want to do something that I never thought possible.

In light of the restrictions closing many races around the country, I am not able to compete in regularly scheduled 100M race events, so I reached out to the Pecos Running Club with the idea to run 100 miles to raise funds for their organization. In completing this run I hope to raise funds to help them continue supporting the local running community. I will run along the one way streets around Eagle Draw until I reach 100M. I’m calling out to all members of the running community in Artesia, NM to come run a few miles with me during this long event or to donate a dollar for every mile that I complete to the Pecos Running Club to go to the purchase of a chipped timing system for the club. Coach Katrina and Kaity have helped me put together a pledge form and a sign up sheet to come run some miles with me along this 100 mile journey. Please consider donating in order to grow this wonderful group.

Here’s a little more about me: I was born and raised in Artesia. I am the second son of four boys. My father worked his entire career for the City of Artesia. My mother was a stay at home mom and raised us four boys. I graduated Artesia High School in 1999. Shortly after graduation my dream of becoming a soldier became a reality. My Grandfather served in the army and a few of my uncles served as well. The decision to join was easy for me. My military career was 10 years and took me to some amazing places; I traveled all over the east coast, to Korea and eventually to Kuwait and Iraq. I served as a 92 Foxtrot, which is a Petroleum Supply Specialist. I had the privilege and honor of working with some of the best and bravest men and women in the country. I served two combat deployments with the 1st Cavalry Division in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In present day life, I call Artesia my home. I am the proud father of four wonderful kids. I am employed with an oil production company. In my leisure time, which is about 3 am to 6am. I often find myself lacing up my shoes and hitting Eagle Draw for a few miles before work. Looking back, running was not something I was ever good at. What makes a good runner? I was slow but I never quit. Little by little the miles began to add up. Running just a little more than the day before. Staying consistent and going on the days I was not feeling it. I believe we are all capable of reaching our goals and dreams if we stay consistent and you believe in yourself.


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